Whether recording video in my car or when racing go-karts, capturing audio without wind and other background noise has been a challenge. When editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, I’ve been able to use Soundbooth to remove rumbles. In many situations, however, the results have been less than satisfying. Even when racing karts indoors, I get unwanted wind noise.

At a recent kart race I tried something new. As the videos show, the results are pretty good. There was, however, one downside.

Helmet with GoPro rigged for better audio, cut wind noise

Details of the Rig

A GoPro Hero 4 (Black) camera was mounted on the top of my helmet as usual. A mount on the side of the helmet was used to add a second case. Inside that case, I placed a Sony ECM-CS10 Stereo Lavalier Microphone with a fuzzy wind screen. The cover on the backside has an open panel, allowing the cord to go through. I stuffed some foam in there for additional wind screen and to keep the microphone in place.

Good Results, Except…

The results were good, with one exception. Tire squeal is masked, which would be useful in analyzing my performance. Below you can see the three races I ran with this setup.

Got Coaching to Shave my Time

With only two or three session under my belt at Gateway Kartplex I reached out to my (much younger and faster) friend Bobby Krug, for some fun and a little coaching. Bobby is pretty accomplished as a racer in the iDrive series at the Kartplex, consistently at the top of the time charts. The results were great for each of us.  In spite of the heat (90 degrees) or maybe BECAUSE of higher track temps, we both achieved personal best times. Bobby’s was close to a track record.

Race 1:  Before Race 1 we reviewed the track map, focusing mostly on turns 3 and 6. I followed Bobby for the first few laps. He then let me pass to follow and evaluate me. I later gave him a point-by and he lapped me a few minutes later.

Race 2:  We evaluated race 1. Bobby helped me to continue to improve on turns 3 and 6. We discussed braking later and lighter in turn 6 and letting the turn scrub much of the speed. He followed me for a few laps again for another debrief.

On lap 2 I hit the barrier at turn 6. I realized that my weight (50 lbs more than Bobby) meant that I had to brake a little harder than we talked about. I made the adjustment and turned better times than race 1. Later in the race I felt more comfortable and relaxed in the kart. But that didn’t translate into better times. Those laps were slightly slower.

Race 3:  After race 2, Bobby’s evaluation laps were done. We both ran race 3 at our own speed. Bobby, of course was much faster. In fact, he turned his best lap ever of 37.345 – 2 seconds better than mine, and pretty close to a track record.


RACE VIDEOS BELOW: Individual lap times posted in YouTube descriptions.

RACE 1 – BEST LAP (14): 40.192


RACE 2 – BEST LAP (10): 39.878


RACE 3 – BEST LAP (11): 39.315  [starts at 7:12]