There are lots of ways to enjoy driving a BMW.

Driving Schools and Autocrosses are popular among many enthusiasts.The only special equipment needed to get started is a helmet. And a first-timer can usually borrow or rent one.

High Performance Driving Schools are enjoyed by men and women alike. A driving school (sometimes called an HPDE) is a fun and challenging way for people to safely learn car control skills in their own cars. A race track is used for the event, but it’s not competitive. Timing and scoring are forbidden. Top speed is not the primary objective, but speeds are much higher than street driving. Students learn in the classroom, and their instructor provides coaching from the passenger seat. Safety is insured through skill-based run groups and defined passing zones. Here’s an example:

Steve Smart – Session One from Julian Cates on Vimeo

Autocross is a different thing altogether. But, like an HPDE, it is also a safe way to have fun and improve your car-control skills. Unlike an HPDE an autocross event is a timed competition where points are assigned and prizes may be awarded. A typical autocross course is configured with cones on a large parking lot. One car goes at a time and the run is very short – often less than a minute. Cars are placed in classes based on a number of factors. Autocross events are a lot less expensive but you spend far less time actually driving.