Steve-Smart-M3-PilotI’m a confessed auto sport addict.

The combination of man and machine has captured my attention in a big way. The beauty, power and sophistication of the cars and the skill and courage of the drivers are fascinating to me. I’ve loved cars ever since I was a kid and owned a couple of Corvettes. Owning a BMW took my addiction to a whole new level.

MY CAR – I’m not a racer but I drive (pilot) a ’97 BMW M3. I love owning, driving and working on it. I’m not a trained mechanic, but my garage is my playpen. Like a lot of other guys I’ve discovered that a little knowledge and a few simple tools can take you a long way.

MY GARAGEMy garage is my playpen. I like to clean and work on my cars and organize stuff. A friend once said, “Your garage is cleaner than my home.” Well, that’s sometimes true.

BMW CLUB – I have served as a volunteer in the St. Louis BMW Club in several capacities. Board member, advertising chairman and newsletter editor to name a few. It’s a great group of people who enjoy their cars in different ways. Some of us enjoy social drives and some prefer the track. I like it all. I participate in High Performance Driving Schools, Autocross events and social drives on twisty roads. I am also an instructor for Street Survival, a car control clinic for teens.

RACE FAN – My favorite forms of motor sports are endurance sports car racing and Formula 1. Photographing races and collecting Le Mans winning race car models are also part of my hobby.

KART RACING – I’m a frequent arrive-and-drive kart racer. Mostly indoor, but I’m happy to race outside when the weather permits.