Get your headphones ready! But first, check out this interview with one of your favorite YouTube content producers.

YouTube offers one of my favorite forms of entertainment. Maybe like you, I spend too much time watching videos of race cars, kart racing, auto detailing and other car related stuff. It’s all part of the addiction.

Several years ago I stumbled upon a guy’s channel named 19Bozzy92.  If you’ve chosen to read this, you’ve probably seen his work. His specialty is high end sports cars and race cars, especially their sound. His videos of BMW Z4 GT3s at Monza are among my favorites in audio pleasure. The snarling, growling and popping does something special for me. The fuel bark on the downshifts sound like gunshots. Here’s a link to one of them.

Bozzy has taken his videos to the next level with binaural 3D sound recordings. Gotta say, these should come with a label. “Warning: Addiction Ahead!” Seriously, though, this aspect of Bozzy recordings really got my attention with the video below, covering the 2017 ELMS test at Monza. Don’t ask me why it’s special. Just grab your favorite set of cans and listen.

My encounter with this experience has led to a bit of fanatacism. It’s great background noise (music) for working in my home office or in my garage. Actually it was pretty soothing when I recently struggled replacing a part in my M3. My favorite Pandora station wasn’t cutting it. Streaming the sound of this video in my garage soothed the savage beast, even without headphones.

I got curious about this guy. Because I’ve enjoyed his videos and general, and been more than a little mesmerized by his binaural offerings, I reached out for an interview.  He was very gracious to answer my questions by email. It’s always great to learn more about another guy’s automotive passion.

Q: What is your real name, and what’s the story behind “Bozzy?”

A: My name is Stefano – Nothing special to be honest. “Bozzy” is the nickname my friends used to call me and it comes from the abbreviation of my surname with the addition of a “y” to make it all a bit more international. As you might have figured out, 19 and 92 are the year of my birth, 1992. To be honest, back in 2007 when I opened my channel, I chose “Bozzy92” but YouTube warned me with a message like “the name it’s invalid or it’s been already used. Try something else.” It suggested 19Bozzy92 and I grabbed it.

Q: Where do you live?

A: I live in a village not far from Monza in the North of Italy.

Q: What’s your occupation?

A: I’m still a student at university but in the last 2 years I focused too much on my YouTube channel. I set aside my studies.

Q: How did you fall in love with fast cars and motorsports?

A: That’s a great question. I’m still wondering how it happened, since no one in my family, except my uncle, is a car enthusiast. When I was a kid they gave me the classic toys for little boys. But between the ball and Micro Machines I chose the latter. Growing up with friends, playing racing video games and reading car magazines consolidated my passion.

Q: What’s your daily driver, and do you have a fun sports car?

A: My daily driver, and only car, is a Ford Fiesta mk7 XD.

Q: Do you race or drive on track days?

A: No, unfortunately. You can’t imagine how much I’d like to do it. If only I had more money and a proper car. Apart from some rental karts, my track experience begins and ends with the four laps I did last year on the Green Hell (Nurburgring Nordschleife) with a mighty (haha) Ford Sport Ka.

Q: On the race track, what’s the coolest car you’ve enjoyed from the passenger seat?

A: I had a very fast ride in a Ferrari 458 Italia at Monza Circuit. The driver was really on point. I hope to enjoy a few on board laps in a race car in the future.

Q: How long have you been doing videos?

A: Seven years, more ore less. As I said, I opened my channel in 2007. But my first uploaded video dates back to 2009.

Q: How many have you done, and how many views have you had all together?

A: At this point I’ve uploaded nearly 1100 videos with a total of 127 million views.

Q: What’s the story behind the 3D audio? How did you get started with that, and why?

A: This is a long answer, so bear with me. The sounds of cars is actually the focus of my channel. Cars and racecars are the theme; the subject has always been their sounds. I started by recording supercars like many other car channels. I then realized I could take advantage of my close proximity to the Monza Circuit and thought, “Why not race cars?”

My research showed that there where very few motorsport channels back in 2010-2011. Most of the videos used background music. So I started my “fight” to record all the beautiful motorsport sounds, always using “pure sound” in the title to specify the absence of music or commentary.

On October 2015, by pure chance, I discovered the world of Bianural recording. I wasn’t searching for it at all. While watching a F1 video on YouTube,  one particular video on the recommended video list caught my attention. It was called “Formula One Sound (binaural 3D sound recording) – Spa Eau Rouge.” The video gives the instruction to put your headphones on.  When I did, and the sound came on, I got goosebumps like I’d never had in the same way. Ever. That started my own adventure with binaural audio recording.

Q: Where do want to go with all this?

A: I really would like to record only with a binaural microphone one day. I still need to find the money which would allow me to test other mics and pick one that can handle 140+ dB of sound.

Q: Is this just serious recreation for you, or is there a grand plan?

A: I’m really trying to grow my channel as much as I can. I hope it might lead me somewhere one day. Maybe some kind of work in the automotive world. Who knows?

So that’s the interview. Frankly, I hope all this effort pays off for our friend. In the mean time, I’ll continue to enjoy the product of his work. Here’s a sample.

Grab your headphones and get ready for a great head trip!